What to look for in an iPhone repair tech

These days, it seems like everyone is taking up iPhone repair as a business or simply a side hustle. 

While working on electronics is daunting to some people, others are savvier when it comes to handling repairs. 

We’re going to answer the question of how to choose an iPhone repair tech. Here are a few tips to look for when it come to choosing a repair technician.

iPhone Repair Experience

This is the most important things to look for. Smartphones these days cost hundreds of dollars and as of last year 2018, we had the 1st iPhone break the $1000 mark. Due to this, it is important to find a technician that know what exactly they are doing.

Experience they say is the best teacher. Ask questions. You can usually tell the experience of a technician by how they answer the questions. Look out for if they answer the question satisfactorily or beat around the bush.

Note that big names in the repair industry do hire new technicians all the time. And so, having a repair tech wear a company shirt does not always mean they are experienced.

Business Focus

Figure out what the business focuses on. Some businesses does repairs on computers, laptops, tablets and throw in smartphones. You do not have to choose a business that does only iPhone repairs. However, you will want a business that does a good amount of iPhone repairs.

Fast Turn Around Time

The Apple Store (Genius Bar) is known for their longer turnaround time. One of the reasons people go to 3rd party repair stores is because of the faster turn around time. If a repair store has long turnaround time, I would question why. It can be a lot of reasons like being backed up on repairs to a lack of professionalism. You do not want to wait for days without your phone

At Austin iRepairs, we do your repair right in front of you. We come to you within Austin and most repairs are done in less than 30 minutes.

Competitive Price

Look at the price that you are being charged. Do not simply go for the cheapest price you can fine. This can speak volumes regarding the quality of parts used and experience of the person doing the repair. Also look out for repair technicians with exorbitant prices. Premium screens cost more and will require a higher fee for repairs. However, higher than normal prices should signal red flags.

Warranty on Repairs

Nothing speaks confidence like a warranty. Look for businesses that offer a warranty on their repairs. Some people will tell you they offer warranty but then change tactics when you call them with an issue. Some mobile repairs techs may ever refuse to pick up your phone call. Ask them what the warranty covers and for how long.

We stand behind our parts and workmanship and We do offer a 60-day warranty on iPhone screen repairs. If your screen glitches after a repair with us, we will replace the screen free of charge. A full disclaimer about the terms of our warranty can be found in our Warranty page here.

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