Warranty Policy

Note. In the rare event that the LCD or digitizer shows any problems after the repair, you can usually tell within the first 4 days of use. We ask that you contact us as soon as you notice this. The earlier the better.

If we do a repair and you tell us it has issues after a few days, we will replace the screen free of charge. However, if you dropped the phone and the screen or LCD got damaged, this will void your warranty.

We do not issue a refund if you refuse to let us take another look to fix the issue.

Warranty will only cover defects in the part or workmanship. 

Warranty does not cover damage done by the user, liquid damage, or anything else other than defects in the part or workmanship.

Opening your device by yourself or taking it to another repair shop before speaking with us and allowing us to resolve any issues will void your warranty.

Warranty is void if:

– Device is damaged by user again after we repair it

– Device is opened or worked on by someone else or another repair shop following our repair

– Any mishandling that causes the frame to bend, twist or crack

– Any software related issues

– Faults not related to the original repair work done by us

– Cracked screens or damaged LCD done by you after our repair work

We test every repair we do to ensure the screen works before we give it back to you. And we show you the screen is working before you leave. We try out best to resolve any problems with the screen that may come up later. For this reason, we do not issues refunds.