Warranty Policy

We offer a risk free 60 day warranty on all repairs we perform on your device (as long as we supply the parts). 

If the part is defective or not working as it should within 60 days just bring the device back to us and we will fix it free of charge for you.

We do not issue a refund if you refuse to let us take another look to fix the issue.

Warranty will only cover defects in the part or workmanship. 

Warranty does not cover damage done by the user, liquid damage, or anything else other than defects in the part or workmanship.

We currently do no do any repairs caused by liquid damage. Liquid damage treatment repairs are not covered by our 90 day warranty due to the unpredictable nature of liquid damage. 

Although there is an average of 80% success rate with liquid damage treatment done by professionals, there is no guarantee that corrosion due to water damage will or will not return. 

Opening your device or taking it to another repair shop or technician before speaking to us will void your warranty.

Warranty is void if: 


*Device is damaged again after we repair it


*Device is opened or worked on by someone else following our repair


*Any mishandling that causes the frame to bend, twist, or crack


*Any software related issues


*Faults not relating to the original repair done


*Cracked screens or damaged lcd


We buy our parts from reputable and quality suppliers. This is why we stand behind our warranty. We do not offer warranty on repairs if you bring in a part and want us to perform a labour only repair. This is because we cannot verify the quality of the supplier and part you bring to us.


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