most common iphone repairs

Many hardware parts in the iPhone can be fixed and replaced. Some replacement can be inexpensive like screens and batteries. Others can be more expensive and time consuming. However, in our line of work, some repairs and requested and done more than others.

This is important to know because some repair stores and technicians do not carry all parts to repairs that are rarely requested. These parts are ordered when you request the repair. Here are the most common iPhone repairs that are done.

Screen Issues (Cracked or Bad LCD)

This is by far the most requested repair by customers. In fact, in 2018, 90% to 95% of repairs we did at Austin iRepairs were screen replacement. Cell phone screens are made of glass which makes this the most vulnerable area of a phone. 

The iPhone screen has 3 components to it. The top layer is the glass, digitizer is in the middle and the LCD is in the back. You can tell what part of the iPhone screen is having a problem based on the symptoms.  Any problems you have with any of these will require a screen replacement.

Battery Problems

The next most common repairs are battery replacement. All batteries die over time. Even rechargeable dry cell batteries will lose its capability to hold enough charge as time goes on. 

Smartphone batteries are no different. After using a phone for a few years, you will notice that the battery dies quickly or does not charge fast enough. In this case, a battery replacement is required.

Malfunctioning Buttons

Home buttons, power buttons and volume buttons can have issues like being non-responsive, being stuck or falling off. Button replacement can take as little as 10 minutes to upwards of an hour depending on the type of button and location of the button components inside the phone.

Camera Problems

Front and back camera can have a range of causes from software issues to hardware issues. Camera issues can be caused by dropping the phone. Sometimes, the fall is very hard that the screen and camera lens cracks at the same time. In rare cases, the camera connectors might come lose. In this case, simply reconnecting it properly can fix the problem.

Charge Port Issues

It can be confusing trying to decipher if the problem with your battery or your charge port. A good technician can determine which part requires a repair. Most of the time, the charge port is filled with lint and dust, which makes it difficult for the charger to be properly connected. In this case, a simple fix will be cleaning out the port.

DO Not use anything wet in an attempt to clean the port. Use something pointy like a tooth pick to remove lint. Do not push too hard into the charge port to prevent parts of it breaking of in the port, causing more damage.

Digital Trends has an article on how to clean out your charge port using compressed air or a tooth pick. If those do not work, a charge port replacement will fix your issue.

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