essential iPhone repair tools

Fixing your iPhone by yourself is no easy task. Especially your first repair. It is one thing experimenting with your old phone.

 It is another thing if you want to venture into doing iPhone repairs for newer more expensive phones for strangers.

If you are serous about fixing your phone, you need to be prepared with the proper iPhone repair tools. 

It is not fun starting a repair only to find out that you do not have all the required tools and have to pack it up and continue another day. 

It is best to do it all in one go so as not to get confused and forget your steps. 

Since iPhones use extremely small and specialty screws, these are not tools you can simple find laying around in your general toolbox in the wood shed. 

You do not have to buy a large toolkit. To be honest, you would not use more than 30% of those tool kits and I’ve seen some of them go for $239.99

In my iPhone repair toolkit, there are a few items I always carry with me and that I almost always use daily. You can purchase all of these as your beginner tool kit for less than $50.

1. Pentalobe Screwdriver

The first screws you remove from your iPhone are the two 5-point (Penta lobe) screws at the bottom of your phone. These screws hold your screen to the body of your phone. Bottom line is without the Penta lobe screwdriver, you cannot open your phone.

2. Small Phillips Screwdriver

The bulk of screws in the iPhone are regular tiny screw which a small screwdriver can open

3. Y-Tip Screwdriver

This is specifically needed for the iPhone 7 and newer phones. There are stories that Apple implemented the Y tip screws as one way to deter people from fixing their phones. 

There is nothing the Y tip screwdriver holds together that a regular screw cannot do. Needless to say, if you will be working on a iPhone 7 or newer iPhone, you will need to purchase this special Y Tip (tri tip) screwdriver to work on them.

4. Nylon Spudger

This tool is used mainly to separate the battery, screen or home button connectors. This is made of plastic and is recommended when doing these tasks. 

Some people use the tweezers, but I do no recommend this because if you are not careful, you may puncture something. Also, tweezers are made of metal. And so, when you use it to disconnect the battery, you may cause it to spark which causes the battery to start to malfunction when you are done. 

The spudger is also used to put flex cables and other parts in place. You can buy a small tool set that has the Pentalobe screwdriver, Y Tip Screwdriver, Small Phillips Screwdriver and Nylon Spudger for around $9.99

5. Tweezers

Yes… Tweezers. I recommend a fine tipped curved tweezer and another straight (not curved) tweezers. You will be picking up pieces and cover plates when you open the phone. Sometimes, they are held down with a little glue and your fingers will not provide adequate leverage. You will also need them to lay the pieces or screws back down when putting everything back together. You can fine a pack of curved and straight tweezers for $7.45

6. Magnetic mat $10.99

The magnetic mat is the base where you place your phone to do your repairs. This mat catches screws that happens to fall. These screws are extremely small and the last thing you want is to have them bounce on the table and onto the floor. (They are hard to find. Trust me, I know) The magnetic mat will grab the screws that fall. These can be found for $10.99 currently

7. Magnetizer tool 6.99

This may not be considered part of the iPhone repair tools in your kit but you will use this to magnetize the tips of your screwdrivers to pick up and hold onto your screws easier. You can find these for $6.99 on amazon

iphone repair tool setup

A Photo of some of the tools in my iPhone Repair Mobile Kit

8. Ice tray

This piece of equipment was one of the best outside the box thing I bought. iPhone screws have different sizes and length. In a simple iPhone repair, you will be removing at least 16 screws of different sizes and locations. Putting the wrong screw in the wrong place might cause some damage. The last thing you want to do is try to figure out what (microscopic) screw goes where.

Having something like a simple ice tray to separate your screws and other small parts is essential in your tool kit. You can pick one for $1.46 online. Or even better, grab the spare one at home that you barely use

9. iFixit Jimmy Opening Tool

I used this open to get between the screen and body of the phone and separating it from the body of the phone. A lot of people will recommend the iSesamo. However, I prefer the jimmy tool for two reasons.

First, the Jimmy tool blade is thinner. When working on an iPhone, especially one with a cracked screen, you may get pieces of glass fall of your phone. 

Using a thicker tool like the iSesamo may increase pressure between the screen and the body of the phone which will cause the already broken phone pieces to disintegrate even more. When doing a repair, you will want to keep glass pieces to a minimum to prevent injury. 

Also, if you are doing a battery replacement on a phone whose screen is not cracked, you will need a thinner tool to prevent the glass from breaking since you will be reusing it.

Second, it is sturdier. The iSesamo is thicker but I noticed it bends easily especially in warm weather. The jimmy tool has a sturdier handle which does not bend like the iSesamo does. The ifixit Jimmy Opening Tool can be found on Amazon for $7.99

10. Plastic Triangle Opening Tool

This is used to hold the screen open. Sometimes when you pop open one side of the screen you will need the triangle opening tool to told that edge open while opening the other. The plastic opening tool is a little thick and so I use a thinner guitar pick most of the time. You can buy a 12 pack of guitar picks for $3.89.

Down the Road

As your expertise and range of services grows, you may need to buy other things to compliment you beginner tool kit. Some of these are a heat gun, a small pocket knife kit, pliers and an iCorner tool (to straighten out dent and bend on the edge of iPhone). This tool can run up to $320.

Notable mentions

There are some things that were not mentioned here. These are important but are not directly used to repair a phone but are important.

  1. You will need a box to carry your small tools. I use a simple fishing case to store these
  2. A backpack. To carry your tools, magnetic mat and more. Make this a separate backpack for only your repair tools.

Final Words

Doing a repair on your own without adequate training and experience may be dangerous. If you do not know what to do, you may cause further damage. Causing additional damage in your phone may cause some repair companies to fix your phone but refuse giving you a warranty..

If you want to fix your iPhone, here are a few things you will need to get started (not including the phone parts). If you need expert repairs done quickly, reach out to us for a repair. Most of our screen replacements are completed in less than 20 minutes.

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