iPhone Repair Scams and how to protect youself

iPhone repair scams

We like to think the world is full of great and amazing people, and it is.

However, just like car mechanics, there will always be those people in every profession who try to pull a fast one on people to squeeze out those extra dollars. 

The iPhone repair business is no different. 

One of the biggest ways some repair techs try to scam more money out of client is try to charge them extra for LCD damage.

We have surprised a few customers when we tell them that our LCD and glass screen repair are the same flat fee.

A lot of people are under the impression that the LCD is come other more expensive part of the phone and so here we are going to begin by explaining the different parts of the iPhone screen.

Parts of the iPhone Screen

The iPhone screen (specifically the iPhone 5 to 8 models) have 3 parts to the. The top glass layer, the middle digitizer and the bottom LCD. These 3 parts are meshed together.

The glass layer is the to top layer that is usually the most vulnerable. Most screen replacements are done because the glass is cracked and may have pieces falling off. Sometimes, the glass can be broken but the other components of the phone can work just fine.

The digitizer is the middle. If the touch on your screen does not work, this is most likely the cause of a bad digitizer. Some iPhones may have issues with a chip that prevents it from registering touch on your phone however, if you phone just fell, the most likely cause it a bad digitizer. Sometimes, the digitizer can go bad even though the LCD and glass are still intact.

The LCD is the bottom layer and it is the layer that displays the pictures. If you see black blotches or spots on lines of different colors running down your phone screen, then the cause is the LCD.

What does all this mean?

Sometimes, you may have just one issue with your screen. For example, the glass only may be cracked but the touch and LCD works fine. Or the screen is not cracked but the phone has a damaged digitizer.

Sometimes, you can have two or three issues going on with your phone. Bottom line, a screen replacement will fix the issue all the same.

parts of the iphone

What about Glass only screen replacement

You may have seen people advertise glass only screen repairs and are still wondering what the difference is. The main question here is: Is glass only screen replacement possible?

Answer is Yes

Glass only screen placement is possible and in fact, you can find glass only for iPhone screens found for sale online. However, doing a glass only repair requires special tools, equipment and is time consuming. 

In addition to that, you may damage the LCD in the process of separating the glass from the LCD. This makes separating the glass pointless in the first place.

Why is your glass and LCD replacement the same price?

When we do a screen replacement, we replace the glass, digitizer and LCD. Yes…. You get all brand-new parts. We understand that a lot of people value their time so we will not waste you time attempting to separate the glass from the LCD of your phone.

Since the glass, digitizer and the LCD come together as one piece which we pay one price for, it is only fair that we do the repair for you for one price and not try to squeeze your hard-earned dollars from you.

If you have fallen for this scam in the past, on behalf of all honest iPhone repair technicians, we apologize for that. Be sure to contact us the next time you need a repair for honest and fair pricing.

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