iPhone repair myths debunked

A broken phone or cracked screen does not always mean you have to buy a new phone. Unfortunately, this belief is sometimes spread by phone manufactures and vendors with aggressive sales tactics that simply want you to buy a new phone you may not need. 

Most iPhone repairs can be fixed in little time and in many cases for a lower price than the cost of a new phone.Here are some questions, answers and some iPhone repair myths debunked by a repair technician

Water means the end of an iPhone

While water is not good for a phone, it does not mean the end of your device. You can find some tips on how to save your device till you take it to a technician. Here is an article on How to Save a Wet iPhone.  Note that the iPhone 7 and never as water resistant as long as the phone is not cracked and the screen has not been opened before.

Once you repair your screen, it will never be the same

One of the most common myths out there is once you repair your phone, it will never be the same. This may be true if the repair is done by an inexperienced person. If you choose a good repair company, your phone will be no different from how it was before the damage

A dead battery means you need a new phone

A lot of people have been trained to believe the once your iPhone start to have battery issues, it is time to replace the phone. Recently, a lot of people have begun to notice that their iPhone batteries starts to act up when a newer iPhone is being released. 

While Apple makes it quite difficult to remove the batteries, a tech-savvy person can get it done. I do not recommend replacing a battery yourself the first time you open a phone.

You must have your repairs done by Apple

Apple has been striving to keep everything pertaining to their device to themselves. This includes the repair process. There has been issues between Apple and repair shop from Lawsuits to the current Right to repair going on around the country. 

There are many experienced and professional cell phone repair companies than can fix your phone faster and with better service than Apple offers.

Your information will get lost when you repair you phone

Loss of data is mainly related to software issues. Most hardware issues will not cause a loss of data. If you have any questions or are unsure of the extent of the repair you need, you can always ask your repair tech if you need to first backup your data

3rd part repairs will void your carrier warranty

Most warranties from carriers only cover manufacturer defects. This takes a lot of people by surprise when they take their phone to their carrier, only to be told that the carriers do not do iPhone repairs. In this case a third-party repair service is your best option.

iPhone repair is expensive, and you can save money the DIY route

The DIY route may be the best way to go if you have the correct tools, parts and experience to go with it. However, if you do not have any iPhone repair experience, you might cause more damage which will cost even more in the long run.

iPhone repairs take a long time

A lot of people have heard of this myth. This depends on the type of repair. A lot of repair shops can do simple repairs in less than an hour. Austin iRepairs do iPhone screen replacement in 30 minutes or less.

Need an iPhone repair?

Austin iRepairs does professional iPhone screen repair. Our iPhone Screen repairs are done in 20 minutes or less. Book an appointment with us online and we will drive to you anywhere within the city of Austin.

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