tempered glass protection

The most crucial external feature of your tablets or mobile phones is the display. 

Glass screens have been around not quiet long with an outstanding traction of popularity. 

While the current glass display may look powerful and sturdy, it can still be cracked or scratched with respect to the occurrence.

The functionality of your touch screen can be negatively affected by a cracked display.

If you are a  smartphone owner, it is a good idea to invest in a screen protector.  

Why do you need screen protectors for your phone?

One of the main advantages on having screen protectors is to offer an additional layer of security to your device. It is important to emphasize that a screen protector will not reinforce or boost the functionality of the actual display.

The screen of your smartphone can still break from a bad edge drop. The market is loaded with two major screen protector types to protect devices: Plastic and Tempered Glass screen protector . This can be found in the likes of plastic and tempered glass screen protectors.

Difference between a plastic and glass screen protector


These days, it is easy and possible to find almost all mobile phones and tablets designed with glass displays. The fingers can easily glide over glass due to its smoothness. In the case of plastic, the feel is almost tacky.  

In fact, you will have a sense or feel of not being the original display when screen protectors are designed with plastic. Glass should be selected as a material of preference if you want to get the feel of original screen protectors. 


Without any iota of doubt, you will discover that glass screen protectors often provide better clarity than their counterpart plastic. Plastic has the tendency of obscuring or distorting light. This is because the toughness of plastic is less to glass. This makes plastic less even and smooth generally. Glass will always be the better choice if your quest is for maintaining the quality of your screen.


One of the major disadvantages of having screen protectors is the installation process. It is always a Herculean task to install plastic screen protectors on smartphones. The extremely flimsy structure of plastic makes it almost impossible to work on tablets. 

Air bubbles often evolve from plastic protectors when they are not properly installed. This can lead to damaging the appearance of your screen. Due to rigidity and toughness, it is easier to install glass screen protectors on your device.  

Replacement and removal of a glass screen protector will not lead to folding or any form of distortion. For this reason, you will need to learn more on how to install a tempered glass protector with steps to get a great result. Understanding the installation process properly will help to determine when to replace your old glass screen protectors. 


When talking about cost, plastic screen protectors are cheaper compared to their counterpart glass. People even get a plastic screen protector as low as one dollar. 

The wave of people using glass screen protectors today has helped to reduce the cost of purchase. In the past, a single glass screen protector can cost up to forty dollars. Today, you can still buy a glass screen protector of good quality for only ten dollars at Austin iRepairs

People often prefer glass screen protectors due to the quality and longevity provide. While plastic screen protectors can serve you for a long time, the quality of service cannot be compared with glass options.

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