iPhone repair gone wrong

Have you ever had an iPhone screen repair gone wrong while attempting to fix your iPhone by yourself. You first buy the tools you need and a replacement screen. Or maybe the screen you bought came with some tools. 

After some time spent tinkering, you painstakingly put everything back together, fire it up, lo and behold, the phone does not come on. Here are a few reasons and tips to help you get your phone back up

Charge the Phone

This is the first step that should be done before you replace your screen. Make sure the phone is charged up before you attempt a replacement. If the phone does not come on after replacing the screen, put the phone on the charger just to make sure it is not dead.

Flex Cable Snap connectors are not seated properly

Before concluding that the screen you bought is defective, first make sure that the screen connectors are seated properly. These look like micro Legos and it takes a certain level of finesse and experience to know if they are seated properly. 

If you put on your phone and it does not turn on, or it turns on but touch does not work, first disconnect the screen connectors and reconnect them. Be sure to first disconnect the battery before the screen connectors. You should feel them or hear them pop back into place if you do it properly

Attempting to replace only the glass

As we explained in the article titled iPhone Repair Scams, we explained the 3 parts of the iPhone screen. These are the top layer (glass), the digitizer and the LCD. You may not know what these parts or even know that they are connected as one piece. So when you buy your part, you opt for the glass only because the only thing wrong with your phone is a cracked screen right??


Just as we stated, doing a glass only iPhone repair is possible. However, you need a glass separator to separate it front the LCD which you most likely do not have since they are quite expensive. When buying your screen, make sure you opt for the LCD, Glass, Touch Digitizer assembly and not just the glass.

Damage from static electricity

This happens mainly when you disconnect your battery with a metal prong causing a short or if you do not disconnect it at all. Even though your phone may be turned off, there will be a certain amount of current flowing though. 

Failing to disconnect your battery before disconnecting the screen can cause damage to the logic board. This causes a corner of the phone to be darker than the rest like the photo shows. When this happens, any screen replacement after this will not fix the issue.

Missing or out of place screws

One thing that makes a screen replacement somewhat daunting is the different types and sizes of screws. It I important to put the screws back in the location you removed it from.

Debris on internal components

This can happen if your damaged screen had a hole which allowed dirt to get inside. Dirt can get inside the phone and prevent the connectors and other parts from being seated properly

Phone was water damaged

One thing that can happen when your phone gets dropped into water is that is shuts off. Some people may assume they need a simple screen replacement to get it back to excellent working condition. They will be wrong. 

When your phone is dropped into water, it damages some internal components of the phone. A simple screen replacement will not get it to work. And even in the rare times when it does, there will usually be some more issues that some up. The best course of action in this case is to send it to a technician that can work on water damage repairs.

Software not recognizing new hardware

This is one more thing that can cause an iPhone screen repair gone wrong moment. One tip that can resolve this issue is disconnecting the battery for a few minutes and attempting to reconnect it.

Cables or pins bent out of place

This can happen for two reasons. First is the pin got bent due to forcefully trying to connect it. Second is the replacement part came with a pin already bent or broken

Low quality screen replacement part

Not all replacement screens are created equal. This is a huge risk with people who want to replace their screens by themselves. It takes time and experience working with different screen suppliers to know which company has the level of quality. 

Buying the cheapest screen, you find on eBay may sound good and make you think you are saving money but may not be the best option in the long run.

Where can you get professionally done iPhone repair

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