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Please book your appointment below. You will receive a confirmation from us via text with directions on how to find us. 

If you cannot receive messages due to the level of damage on your phone, let you know in the notes and we will send an email instead of a text message.

Times are available in 30 minute slots and you can book multiple appointments at once. 

To help us provide even faster service to you, please ensure your phone is charged before you bring it in for your appointment. This is so we can test it as soon as your new screen is installed rather that wait for it to charge. 

Before booking, please verify the type of iPhone you have by going to General > Settings > About to know what type of repair to books for. Certain types of iPhone may look similar but have totally different types of screen parts.

This is to make sure we have the right part for you iPhone. If you book an appointment for the wrong type of phone and we happen to be out of parts at the moment, you would have driven over here for nothing.

If the repair you need is not listed here, that means we do not do those at this time. We strictly specialize in iPhone screen repair.

Hours: 10am – 6pm

2317 S. Pleasant Valley Rd, Austin, Tx, 78741


By Appointment Only