iPhone Repair in Austin, TX

We Will drive to you

Repairs done in 30 minutes or less

60 Day warranty on all screen repairs

Same Day service is always available

Call us: 512-273-7377 hours: 9am-7pm

Are you looking for same day iPhone repair in Austin TX?

Damaging your phone is never fun. When this happens, you will want to get your iPhone back in tip top shape as quick as you can so therefore, you have three options:

  1. Take it to a repair shop that takes days to repair it

2. Or you take it to a same day repair shop that charges you exorbitant prices to fix it the same day.

3. Bring it to the best place for same day iPhone repair in Austin Tx.

Yes, we’re talking about us !!!

We are Local and We are Mobile

Mobile iPhone Repair Austin

With Austin iRepairs, you do not have to choose either price, time or quality. We give you all of those in our repair services.

With us, we will fix your iPhone that same day and you also get the best prices in town. In most cases, you do not need to wait days to set up an appointment. Simple call or text us and we will set up a time and location that is convenient for you.

Here are some before and after photos of our iPhone repair work

iPhone repair near me

Repairs for multiple items, Schools or Businesses

If you have a business, run a school or have multiple items to fix, give us a call to schedule an appointment to get your repairs done. You can also fill out the form in the Contact Us page. We can schedule bulk repairs all over Austin. 

Do you need an iPhone repair but have no money to pay for it??

No problem, we can help with that. We can buy your old electronics and use the money you get to fund your iPhone repair. We buy new, used and sometimes broken smartphone, macbooks, laptops, tablets, camera, apple watch or gaming system. 

So this way, you can use it to pay for your repairs and sometimes even have some money left over.

If you would like this option, give us a call or text and we can some up with a quote and an agreement on price. The price we offer will be based on current market value of your items.

Skip the hassle and sell your old iPhone or other smartphones to us As-is.

There is still some value in your old smartphone and other electronics however, leaving them to sit around forgotten in a drawer somewhere while they lose value is not ideal. We buy new, used and sometimes broken smartphone, macbooks, laptops, tablets, camera, apple watch or gaming systems.   

Here, we will buy your items that same day and pay cash. We can meet with you at a public place or wherever you feel comfortable). Skip the hassle of having to mail your phone to a company and then wait for your payment to hit your bank account. This will take weeks. Get cash for your smartphones today. Get more information on our phone buying service here.

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